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My favorite love interest for Tariq on Ghost: Power book 2 (Season 1)

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          I'm not going to waste any time with this pick! Diana is top pick for Tariq as far as wifey material! For starters she likes him more than he likes her and my wife tells me all the time that, growing up, her granny would say marry the man that loves you more than you love him. It was hard to understand at first but at 35 I understand that ish perfectly. You have to commit yourself to the one who loves you more than you love them because that is the one who will never leave you, on top of doing everything in the world for you. You are like a drug to them and once they are hooked..... you know the rest. #2 she knows about his hustle and won't jeopardize it at all, PERIOD. #3 she is teachable and every powerful man loves a woman he can guide through life. Not to mention she is hands down the sexiest one! 
          My second choice would be Lauren, easily. Lauren is #2 mostly because Tariq would have to lie to her too long about what he really does and the man he really is. It's that simple. What I like about her is long ombre hair! It's sexy. Side note: You can achieve this amazingly beautiful color with any of our Luxury textures but I'd suggest trying our Platinum Blonde 613, It's easy to color and feels soft and sexy! Back to the point, Lauren just isn't as sexy as Diana to me. 
        Now, this was a hard one. Effie is the one I respect the most but I'd have to put here in the category of business partner/competition instead of love interest. Although, somewhere in there sex would be involved. Hahaha, that is just the man in me but there would never be a relationship with effie. Simply put, Tariq you can't trust Effie. 

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