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Cardi B says "no" to her daughter Kulture listening to WAP

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Some time last week Cardi was on Instagram live jamming to her hit song WAP and she cut it short when Kulture came strolling in. No big deal right? She did what any sensible adult should have done, right? Well, some of her fans in the social media world are calling her an hypocrite and I find that mind boggling.

At first I was going to site the lyrics somewhere in this post but I don't have too! I'll just type out the the title of the song actually reads out, "WET ASS PU**Y".

Now replace the ** with SS and tell me thats appropriate for a two year old?! Its not. The argument is that she is the creator of the song and she shouldn't make music she doesn't want children listening too. Hahahahaha, did you hear how crazy that logic is? 

Another argument is, "its okay for your fans children to listen to it but your daughter cant, smh....", as if Cardi is the parent to all children in the world. Hahahaha, that was even funnier than the logic used in the first argument. 

I actually applaud Cardi B for having morals and standards and then practicing them regardless of her public image. It is not Cardi's responsibility to censor her music for your children, nor does she have to expose her daughter to her adult thoughts. Eventually. Kulture will get to hear moms catalog of music and more than likely it'll even be premature but now is not the time! I just hope her fans take notes and take parenting a bit more serious! 

My advice is to try and provide the best guidance for your children to assist them in becoming the people that they want to be in life. Stop forcing the world, or even allowing the world to expose your children to all this world has to offer. Do not expect the world to censor anything for your children and do it yourself. 


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