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Everything is BIGGER & BETTER in Texas.

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          So I'm originally from Los Angeles, California. My family moved to Houston just two months after my 11th birthday and I've been in Houston every since. Well, besides the 4 years I attended Huston-Tillotson UNIVERSITY. Hahahaha you have to know someone who went to HT or went yourself to understand what that meant and why its so funny. 
          Anywho, I had a substitute teacher at school one day who could hear the LA in my voice and I'm guessing he related to it because he was from LA too. We had a cool conversation the whole class period and as I was leaving to go to my next class, he turned and said to me, "Remember this if you don't remember anything else, Texas girls love fast cars and big hair young playa!" It was like a scene from the movies hahaha, fam even gave me the air guns, you know when you point your finger like your shooting them. 
          At the time I was too young because I just laughed at how lame the finger shooting thing was and payed zero attention to his advice. At 35 years of age and 9 years in the hair business I have learned the substitute dude was spot on! Texas women love big hair for sure. Women in Houston, Dallas and Austin (three Texas cities Boojee Hair lived in) majority or our customers purchased 3-5  bundles at a time. We even recommend at least 3 bundles to satisfy our Texas clients. Whereas our Los Angeles clients will only purchase 2 or 3, and if they purchase 3 its to get 2 1/2 bundles. As for fast cars, I don't know where he was going with that. In my experience women everywhere love fast and expensive cars! 

Check out some our clips from the Fast car and Big Hair shoot.

This model is wearing our Body Wave hair in 14, 16 & 18 inches with a natural leave out. THe hair is not styled or colored and in hits natural state. Click here to order your body wave hair.



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